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Petrified Wood 130mm Glass Dish

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Wow, just wow! Even though we've been making stuff with this glass for a while it still manages to take our breath away when we open the kiln and see quite what it's done 'this time'. Each piece shows new patterns and colours, we think you'll love it, we're not sure exactly what you're going to use it for, but we do know you won't be able to stop picking it up and looking, and maybe looking a bit more again just after you've put it down!

This astonishing mixed colour glass bowl is made from a particularly magnificent glass, each piece yields such a variation of earthy tones, with a transparent brown base of the glass. Creams, blues, blacks and greens all mix together in swirls and streaks.

Our petrified wood small dish is roughly 130mm in diameter, 20mm deep and about 6mm thick. It is formed from fusing (melting) two discs of glass together in a single firing of our kiln, and then a second firing at a lower temperature slumps the disc into a bowl mould. 

To see more about how we make this - check out this page - Handmade With Love.