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Well Made Staff

Well Made Staff Family Inside Workshop

 We would like to introduce ourselves! 

We make all of the gorgeous stuff you see here on our website in a secluded workshop, nestled in a wooded area in the beautiful grounds of a charming estate house in Surrey. There is a little victorian brick basement inside where our glass kiln lives and a derelict old swimming pool just outside our door. Over the years it has been transformed into an active pond and we often sit and watch the fish and frogs do their thing, drinking our coffee.

Rather than just hide away in our workshop making lovely stuff, we thought it best to show our faces. So here we are, all of us, together. Well Made Stuff is our family and it's great to be able to show you all what we're doing.


  Hi, I'm Anna-Lena and I love tinkering with new and old materials, experimenting with the bits and bobs of lovely stuff we have in the workshop, trying to discover something a bit different. My husband says I have a flair for art and design. Hanging around the workshop are loads of prototypes and designs that have mainly come from my hand, I'm often the one thinking about what we're going to do next before we've even finished the last project.

As a qualified Kindergarten Teacher and as a Mum, I have a passion for children and their education. As we home school our tiny people, we can spend a fair amount of time getting the whole family involved in the creative process, learning, having fun and making wonderful memories.

Hello, I'm Damian and I love the design process, getting each piece of the puzzle in place and finding solutions to all of the technical problems which show up. My main passion is for colour and material. I really enjoy producing the different shapes, forms and textures that can be achieved with the kiln forming process.

Having a background in Product Design I want to see excellence in the whole process. From inception to production and even how it is packaged and posted, representing the products well to all of you. I love the process so much I can often be found adding detail to make things flow so much better (or never actually finishing anything as others might say!)


Hi There! I love coming to Mummy and Daddy's workshop. I am always full of such excitement and encouragement, I say things like "people are going to be amazed when they see our glass!"

I don't do any actual cutting or making of glass things yet (when I'm a bit bigger I will probably have a go) but I do really enjoy riding on the big wood working lathe like it's a huge motor bike, or sometimes having a walk in the estate grounds, seeing the cows drinking from the lake and watching all of the other birds, insects and animals around here.

Good day to you! My job is very simple: getting Daddy locked out of his workshop computer by mashing the keyboard so many times on the password screen, that it needs a bit of a rest before I can do it again.

I have been known to stay asleep in my pushchair, after a relaxing roll around the landscape garden. That gives Mummy and Daddy a bit of time do some work together in the basement of our workshop (that's where the kiln is!)

No Child Labour was employed in the making of this website, or indeed anything else ;-)


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