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Handmade With Love

We've put together a series of photos for you, creating a bit of a visual narrative to show the process of how we arrive at some of the products we make. If you'd like to come on a bit more of a journey with us, we'll be using Instagram to document the design and making of new stuff. We'll be doing that post to Facebook thing from Instagram too, so you can catch up with what we're doing there too.

We cut copper mesh into shapes for the design of a lot of our panels. We also hand bend copper wire in the form of flowers, hearts, butterflies and also the letters for names. Powdered coloured glass (called frit) is used to carefully bring colour to each handcrafted panel.

Some panels have dates or other shapes kiln-carved into the back. Kiln carving is the process of crafting a shape (we often use this to make a date) that sits on the kiln shelf and pushes into the back of the glass when it is fused in our kiln. The glass melts over it and takes up the impression shape of the date or shape.

With all of our handmade fused art glass, each piece has gorgeous variations in the colour, tiny trapped air bubbles, we call them champagne bubbles, and all sorts of other lovely tiny imperfections that make each one well and truly unique.







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