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Rainbow Iridescent Coaster on White Glass



A lovely coaster that shows off its colours with pride. This one isn't going to be hidden under your mug of tea for long; you'll definitely be marvelling over these colours again and again. A sparkly coaster that absolutely pops with colour and shine.

The white opal glass it is handmade from has a subtle iridescent coating that will shine when the light catches it just right. A design with a lot of fun.

Opal means it has solid opaque colour and is not transparent. Iridescent means there is a coating that reflects many colours - a bit like the sheen you can see when oil is poured onto water.

The seven colour bands of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet transparent glass have great bold solid colour when held up to the light and also have a wonderful iridescent coating that just sparkles under reflected light.

Our rainbow coaster on white glass is roughly 100 x 100mm and about 6mm thick.

To see more about how we make this - check out this page - Handmade With Love.